Why should I hire a young person through SummerWorks?

Good for Business

Youth participants are paired with companies and industries that align with their studies. They meet real business needs, fill vacancies, and bring diversity to the workplace. More than 90% of employers who hire young adults through SummerWorks report that they would recommend it to other organizations - and plan on hiring again next summer. 

Invaluable Experience

Everyone remembers their first summer job - the time they learned what it takes to be a valued member of the workplace. SummerWorks jobs teach young adults the soft skills that are critical to success in the real world, such as punctuality and how to handle constructive criticism. And it's not just the youth who gain from the experience - employer mentors value the time they spend with the young adults and often report an increase in their own skills as a result. 

Investment in the Future

Tomorrow's workforce is built today. By partnering with SummerWorks, you will have a role in shaping the direction of our city's future. You'll also have access to some of Louisville's up-and-coming superstars, many of whom return to the same organization multiple years.

How do I hire a young person?

To hire a young adult, please complete the Employer Sign-Up form or call SummerWorks Workforce Development Coordinator Robert Moore at (502) 574-4645.

How long does the program typically last?

Most SummerWorks jobs last 7 weeks. They typically start in the 2nd or 3rd week of June and end in early August. However, many participants are available and willing to continue working beyond the summer months. See our Key Dates for the current program year.  

Will I be able to interview candidates?

Absolutely. KentuckianaWorks staff can help you coordinate interviews so you can select the youth who best meet your organization's needs. We can also screen candidates based on your hiring criteria in order to expedite the process. 

What kind of support can I expect from SummerWorks staff during the summer?

SummerWorks youth have access to our Job Coaches, who work closely with both the participant and their employer to answer questions and address any challenges. 

if I don't have a position for a summer worker, can i still support SummerWorks?

Yes! Even if you can't hire directly, you can still sponsor SummerWorks jobs. Just $2,500 puts a young adult in a quality work experience at a non-profit organization or public agency for the summer. Click here for more details on becoming a SummerWorks sponsor. 

Are there any other resources for employers to review?

Yes, you are welcome to download our Employer Toolkit and see our 2019 Program Timeline.


Do you have a question we didn't answer? contact program director chris locke at (502) 574-4723 or SEND Him AN email.