If you're 16-21 years old, you can get a quality job this summer through summerworks!

It's an opportunity to earn a paycheck, but even more importantly, you'll get valuable business experience that could shape your future education and career. You might even land a summer job that ties in with what you are already learning in school. Skip to Sign Up form >>>

why participate?

SummerWorks serves as your advocate as you enter the workforce. It’s a great opportunity to explore careers of interest, get real job experience, and develop professional references. Whether you’re trying to find your first job or one that advances you as a professional, we are here to help!

As a participant in this free program, you receive:

  • Information about job opportunities that align with your age, interests, and experience.

  • Tips, tools, and workshops on how to land a great job and be the kind of employee every boss wants.

  • Help getting your resume and interviewing skills polished to show your best YOU!

  • Connection as needed to partners who can assist with other life matters affecting your ability to succeed at work, such as education, housing, transportation, mental health services, child care, and clothing.

  • Access to resources that help you decide what career you might want to pursue.

  • Assistance learning about financial management and your paycheck.

What do Summerworks participants have to say?


"It was hard to get a job after moving to the U.S. from Jamaica last year. SummerWorks helped me get my foot in the door and start building a career." - Shaunte Roach, A.M.P.E.D.

"At Norton Healthcare I had the chance to observe a brain surgery! SummerWorks opened doors for me and inspired me! - Erin Triplett

"I want to be a pharmacist, and my summer job is helping me pay my way through school. Without it, I wouldn't be able to go to college." - Charles Travis, Louisville Metro Parks


"At Thorntons, I did troubleshooting for their IT department. My experience helped me figure out what I really wanted to do with my career and what I should strive for." - Tim Mahan

"I want to be a mechanical engineer so working at GE Appliances has given me the experience I need to make that a reality." - Kenneth Albyati


"This is the first job I've ever had. I want to open my own dental practice one day so it's been especially valuable to get to work in a healthcare setting." - Sarika Polcum, Humana