2018 SummerWorks - Timeline for Employers.png


march 24: 2018 summerworks job fair!


Please note that the majority of matches made between employer opportunities and eligible applicants will occur in March, so employers are encouraged to register as soon as possible.

FEBRUARY - MAY 1: Rolling Candidate Referrals

JUNE 4 - AUGUST 12: Recommended SummerWorks Dates

AUGUST 13: Employers Provide Hiring Reports 

SEPTEMBER: Employers Provide Process Feedback



*SummerWorks Sponsored Employers are nonprofit and public agencies that
demonstrate a commitment to helping opportunity youth grow as young professionals. We ask organizations to prepare meaningful work-learn assignments for the summer. Youth wages are administered by SummerWorks. Sponsored Employer Champions will also have a Job Coach assigned to their youth for added support throughout the summer.

FEBRUARY 27 & 28: Sponsored Employer Orientation

Attendance by a representative from a participating Sponsored Employer Champion is mandatory. There will be two identical sessions. A representative from your organization may attend any session.

MARCH 24th: 2018 SummerWorks Job Fair! 

MAY 1: Deadline for candidate selection

Employers must provide SummerWorks with the names of their selected candidates for their subsidized positions.

MAY 1 - MAY 11: Selected Candidates are Notified by SummerWorks

All sponsored youth must complete an on-boarding program packet. Any candidate failing to
submit the required paperwork by May 11, 2018 will not be eligible for employment in a
sponsored positions. Employers will be encouraged to select an alternate candidate.

JUNE 4 - JUNE 6: Orientation Sessions for Sponsored Youth

Any candidate failing to attend orientation will be ineligible to fill a sponsored role. In this
event, employers will be encouraged to select an alternate candidate.

JUNE 7 & JUNE 8: Employers Receive Confirmation of Youth Employees