Congratulations on being selected to work at one of our Sponsored SummerWorks employers this summer!  These nonprofits and government agencies are super excited to have you on board.  Before you start, there is about an hour's worth of paperwork that you need to fill out so that you will be set up properly to GET PAID!  There is a third party employer who is your "employer of record", Management Registry Inc. (MRI).  

Your online paperwork MUST be completed online at this link by May 20th, but DON'T wait until then, start as soon as you can. 

Below on this page you will find a "SummerWorks MRI Applicant How To" PDF document.  We encourage you to open this as you complete the online registration.  It can help you proceed through each screen of the application. Be sure to hit "MY HOME PAGE" after signing your application to be directed to additional pages. 

You will be receiving a call soon about a 2 1/2 hour MANDATORY Youth Orientation on either May 22 or 23rd. Be sure to respond to this call when you get it!

Our official start date is June 11th and runs through July 27th (with some program exceptions).  Be in communication with your site supervisor if you are unsure about your schedule.

If you have any questions, please contact Reggie Smith at or (502) 574-4195.