Top 6 Reasons to Hire SummerWorks Youth

Why should your company or organization hire one or more youth through SummerWorks in 2018? Here are the top 6 reasons, based on feedback we've received from the 165 employers who hired last year.

1. To benefit from their skills and abilities

SummerWorks youth may be young, but they're talented and motivated to learn. If you're worried about being a babysitter, just take a look at the example of Jon Russell, a SummerWorks youth who worked at Fourth Street Live! last summer.

"We were crazy-busy because we were planning for the opening of Guy Fieri’s Smokehouse. Jon jumped right in and helped in any way I needed. He was super useful and especially with communication because there are so many moving parts to the process," says Tiffany Lesher, HR Manager at Fourth Street Live! 

Jon impressed the management at Fourth Street Live! so much that they even awarded him a $5,000 scholarship to help him attend college.

Jon was our first SummerWorks hire and he absolutely shined. We stand behind this program 100%!
— Tiffany Lesher, HR Manager at Fourth Street Live!
Jon Russell and Tiffany Lesher

Jon Russell and Tiffany Lesher

2. To prepare your company for the future

SummerWorks gives you the opportunity to test-drive young employees for 7 weeks. Some of the youth we help place do such a good job that they end up working at their SummerWorks employer after their internship is over and they're out of school.  

Kenneth Albyati1.jpg

Take the example of Kenneth Albyati (left). Kenneth started at GE Appliances in the summer of 2016 and was then offered a full time position. He's been working for GE Appliances ever since and has even been promoted, while also studying to get a degree in robotics and engineering. 

3. To help build Louisville's talent pipeline

SummerWorks is a vital part of Louisville's workforce development plan. The more young people we bring into the workforce now, the stronger our city's economy will be down the road. That benefits everyone. 

4. To get a fresh perspective

SummerWorks youth may be limited in experience, but they're high on curiosity and imagination. With technology advancing faster than ever across so many business sectors, there's no substitute for new ideas and creative problem-solving.

The youth ask such good questions. They’ve made me more conscious and caused me to think more critically about what we do.
— Tina Smith, Supervisor at Jefferson Memorial Forest
Bill Good testimonial photo.jpg
“SummerWorks has been an excellent way to recruit motivated, energetic youth who have brought fresh thinking to our manufacturing operations.”
— Bill Good, VP of Manufacturing for GE Appliances

5. To improve leadership  

Opportunities for employees to learn management and mentoring skills are critical, but can be difficult to come by. SummerWorks makes that easy by providing you with young people who are eager to learn as much as they can during their 7 weeks.   

6. To give a young person a chance

What was your first summer job? Who was the first person who saw your potential and gave you a chance to prove yourself? SummerWorks youth are talented, but they need someone like you to help them get their foot in the door. Hiring a young person isn't just a smart business decision for you, it's a life-changing opportunity for them. 

So what are you waiting for? Learn more about hiring through SummerWorks at